Remote Administration Of Healthcare By Aspagteq


Remote patient monitoring

(AGS)  UVC-Sterilizer

This ROBOT Disinfects area by itself without human intervention


Remote Administration Of Healthcare By Aspagteq

Aspagteq was the perfect fit for our major expansion. They provide first class service with the highest integrity. Their staff is very personable and was very successful in leading the engineering, procurement, and implementation phases of our material handling system needs.

– Rajv Jain, Plant Manager, Quantum Electronics

Thank you Aspagteq for the outstanding customer service provided in resolving the issue with our robot. Your response on such short notice was remarkable.

– Ajay Saxena, Director, Lynssy Electronics

The AVG Smart Solutions System allowed us to increase production by 60 percent due to a faster run rate. Overall, we have seen an average of a 20% to 30% increase in production speeds.

– Jiten Arora, Manager, LOTS Retailer

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