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Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better

We foster an environment that is creative and positive by upholding our core values.

Offering a wide range of advanced interconnects and electronics assembly solutions with a long-standing history of delivering disruptive innovations.

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Growing consistently and delivering superior financial performance.

Our innovative interconnect solutions enable a smarter future.

Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better


RAHA is a revolution for remote healthcare services in the upcoming world

RAHA is an Intellectual Property of Aspagteq with multiple patents protecting the complete process and sub processes both. Install RAHA, and it will help patients to get checked for all primary healthcare vitals.

Autonomous Guided Sterilizer (AGS - UVC)

For over a period, Aspagteq Technology has proudly been telecast by Media channel ‘News18 India’, highlighted the company’s innovations and technological advancements in Autonomous Guided Sterilizer.

Machine Vision

Machine vision can be broadly defined as a combination of hardware and software used to provide operational guidance to devices for executing their functions based on images captured and processed.

Smart Robotics: Revolution is Motto, Efficiency is Aim

Innovation has driven every effort taken to develop smart machines, from cleaning robots to farming robots. Smart robots may change the world for the better.


machine vision with camera lens focus

Machine Vision

Machine vision (MV) is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance, usually in industry.

universal robot and human touch


Smart solution is the demand of tomorrow’s industrial world considering the future, AMR can walk freely without any human intervention or control, It has got all the sensors and a smart learning brain to avoid obstacles.

Internet of things and communication technology

Industrial Internet of Things

Aspagteq IIOT solutions refers to interconnected sensors, controllers, and other devices networked together in an industrial setting. This connectivity allows for remote access and monitoring, but more importantly, it allows for data acquisition and collection, exchange and analysis of different data sources. Industrial IoT has enormous potential and benefits for improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. IIoT solutions are characterised by their low cost and fast implementation.

Aspagteq IoT solutions helps in industrial automation to create systems that are effective, affordable and flexible to customer needs. Connecting industrial equipment to the cloud – and sharing real-time data – can drastically impact the efficiency, production and uptime and helps to develop next generation machines.

embedded system robotics

Embedded System and Robotics

Robotic is a fun way to bring STEM to life, and that’s important because STEM is the key to a successful future for students with the interest and motivation to purpose careers in the field.

electronic circuit board

Electronics Hardware & Circuit Design

This is a concentrated practical program designed for students who want to learn the art of Electronics fundamentals to design Industrial Applications. It offers in-depth learning of Electronics Circuit Design and Simulation with PCB designing.

mechanical machine design

Mechanical Design

Mechanical designing combines creativity, knowledge and analytical tools to complete the difficult task of shaping an idea into reality. People with mechanical designing skills are highly valued in society.

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